NEAVE to miss Oulton Park BSB following Navarra injury

NEAVE to miss Oulton Park BSB following Navarra injury

Tom had 3 huge crashes at Navarra one at 175mph, all of which he was kind of able to walk away from due to his amazing personal rider equipment LS2 helmets, RST Leathers and Alpinestars boots. His injuries seemed minor with cuts and bruises and a twisted knee, after some rest it was time to get ready for Oulton in the normal way but having a ride on the bike the knee injury seemed worse.

Brent visited Tom at home yesterday and having seen the swelling he insisted on a MRI scan which after travelling to Manchester to get the best eyes on – sadly the MRI has shown some damage which may need surgery and we await an expert opinion on this. 

In the meantime, Brent made the decision to stand Tom down for Oulton Park and to look for a possible substitute for The #68 STAUFF Fluid Power Superbike.

Brent chatted with Tom, Danny and Iain from Stauff and we all agree that the best fit for us as a hole is Team Friend and past GR – STAUFF Superstock rider Eemeli Lahti who we are pleased to say will join us for the test on Wednesday and the rest of the Oulton weekend.

Tom Neave said “I am devastated not to be able to race at the weekend I was really looking forward to it – We checked the knee in Spain and it was sore but seemed ok, but I tried to ride with weight on it at the weekend and after sitting down together Brent and I took the decision that we needed to get it checked before I ride again. The MRI shows damage and now we are waiting for the specialist guidance. It was hard discussing who will ride my STAUFF Superbike this weekend but it was nice of of Brent and the Team to involve me and I agree with their choice.

Eemeli Lahti said “Brent called to see if I was available and wanted to ride Tom’s ZX10RR at Oulton Park whilst he was being treated for his problem – I am happy to return to the Team just for Oulton and do my best job.  I enjoyed my time in Superstock with GR and I look forward to returning and seeing Clare and the hospitality Team again.  

Brent Gladwin – Team Owner “Bloody Navarra that’s all I can say about that one – I suffered a knee injury in my own career and when I saw Tom, as hard as it is I knew that the correct thing to do was rest him and get the job sorted now! 

Who was the next question – who can I call on to do the job we need at Oulton and there was just a couple of names that seem to fit at short notice for Oulton Park and just a couple of calls later Eemeli was booking flights – let’s look forward to Oulton Now while we wait on how things are with Tom.  

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